Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Message from the Chairman

In my capacity as Chairman of the Board of Qnbn, I am fully committed towards ensuring that Qnbn fulfills its government mandate to provide world-class broadband fiber optic infrastructure across Qatar.

At the very core of Qnbn’s mission is to support the progressive initiatives of Qatar as outlined in the Qatar ICT Strategy 2015, National Broadband Plan and Qatar National Vision 2030.

Qnbn network of high-speed broadband brings with it tremendous benefits to Qatar and its people. It allows choice in selecting service providers, stimulates economic growth, innovation, entrepreneurship, improves healthcare and education, transforms the way the government connects with the community, and improves the overall quality of life for all people. It also enables a wide range of smart city applications that enhance safety and security, improve efficiency of services, handling of public information and foster cooperation between and within both the government and private sectors.

With the aim of advancing the national digital agenda, Qnbn serves as the framework for Qatar’s long-term development, paving the way for people, schools, businesses, and government institutions to thrive in a sustainable and dynamic world-class knowledge-based ICT economy.

The universal availability and use of high-speed broadband will play a fundamental role in the improvement of future competitiveness and development of Qatar as a nation. We look forward to facilitating the realization of the tremendous opportunities a broadband enriched digital future has to offer.

Ali Bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ali Bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari


Khalid Al-Hashmi

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology - Member

Ahmad Nasser Al-Nasser

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) - Member

Khalaf Ajlan Al-Enezy

Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning - Member

Brigadier General Khalifa Sultan Al-Harami

Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning - Member

Ghanim El-Khayyarin

Ministry of Finance - Member