Group: Fiber

Group: Fiber

How will fiber optic broadband infrastructure benefit me?

The overall benefits of fiber optic broadband infrastructure are the improvements to Internet access, making it: Faster: downloading, multi-tasking, optimum streaming Better: more channels/content, more service innovations, from VOD to teleconferencing Clearer: unbeatable landline transmission and picture quality More sustainable: distinct cost and environmental advantages Most advanced in the region: speeds 100+Mbps, serving homes and […]

Why fiber?

Fiber optic cable is at least 10 times faster than conventional broadband and considered the most reliable and future proof solution for Internet access. Fiber networks, which are capable of providing near-limitless capacity, offer the most future-proof approach to meeting broadband demand over the long term, not only for fixed services, but also for mobile […]

What is fiber?

Fiber optic cable is the next-generation alternative to copper wire networks and is at least 10 times faster than conventional broadband. It will transform the community and enterprise by bringing with it enhanced services, multi-media entertainment at faster download speeds, cost savings, more choice, increased competitiveness and improved sustainability. Fiber-optic communication is a method of […]