Group: Qnbn

Group: Qnbn

What is Qnbn’s role and position vis a vis service providers such as Vodafone and Ooredoo?

Qnbn has signed agreements with national service providers. Hence Qnbn will lease its passive fiber optic broadband infrastructure for service providers so that they offer their broadband services to end users.

What is Qnbn’s purpose and scope of work?

Qnbn is committed to being the conduit of Qatar’s advancement as it provides the latest fiber optic broadband infrastructure to help achieve a knowledge-based digital economy. This will have a transformational impact on the community, whilst accelerating innovation and knowledge sharing. It will also enable Qatar to consolidate its place as one of the most […]

Is Qnbn private or public?

Qnbn is a commercially registered company owned 100% by the Qatari government.

Under whose auspices is Qnbn operating?

Qnbn is one of the region’s first government initiatives operating with the mandate to drive nation-wide fiber optic broadband infrastructure roll-out.

What does Qnbn do?

Qnbn is an independent company wholly owned by the government, with a mandate to enable accessible high-speed communications with a cutting edge fiber optics platform across Qatar. Qnbn is building a shareable fiber network infrastructure to provide maximum nation coverage. Qnbn is vital to Qatar’s future development serving the wider digitization agenda of the country. […]

What does Qnbn stand for?

Qatar National Broadband Network. It represents the initial letters of the company name.