Qnbn and malomatia connect ministries as part of Government Network Project


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Qatar National Broadband Network (Qnbn) and malomatia have successfully connected several government ministries as part of the Government Network Project.

The project has seen significant progress over just a few months, following the signing of the first government contract with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT) in April 2014. A consortium led by malomatia and Qnbn manages the project with the aim of connecting all ministries and government entities over this dedicated and secure communications platform.

Mohammed Al Mannai, Chief Executive Officer at Qnbn said, “The private network will improve data sharing and enhance e-service security capabilities, while setting a common world-class standard in connectivity between all government ministries.  We are therefore extremely delighted that the Government Network Project is well on track”.

A state of the art Network Operations Center (NOC) was established as part of the first phase of the project to serve as the nerve center of the Government Network, with many government entities already connected to the NOC. The NOC is managed and operated by malomatia which will be further developed to meet the needs of the full network.

Yousef Al-Naama, Chief Executive Officer of malomatia commented, “In just a few months the Government Network is already connecting many of the country’s biggest government agencies. This rapid deployment is unprecedented in an industry where quality standards are paramount. We are especially pleased by the quality controls and professionalism demonstrated by all parties involved in making this phase of the project a success. malomatia’s Professional Services unit, supported by specialized teams at Qnbn, continue to work closely with all stakeholders to plan and test infrastructure as well as technology solutions to meet the demands of the fully integrated Government Network.”

By connecting ministries through a point-to-point fiber network, ministries will benefit from secure, high-speed communications and dedicated bandwidth to enhance their services. The project will also enable ministries to install and operate their own networks.

Qnbn plays a critical role in supporting the realization of Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Broadband Plan. malomatia, which also aligns its strategy with Qatar National Vision 2030, has been working closely with Qnbn and the MICT to establish the infrastructure and technology solutions of the project to support the sustainability and scalable functionality required by the Government Network when it eventually transitions all government bodies in the country.