Qnbn brings the future of fiber to Barwa Commercial Avenue

Qnbn brings the future of fiber to Barwa Commercial Avenue

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As a major advancement in Qatar’s goal to empower the nation with a high-speed fiber optic broadband infrastructure, Qatar National Broadband Network (Qnbn) announces that Barwa Commercial Avenue is now connected to its high-speed fiber optic broadband infrastructure, paving the way for operators to offer broadband communication services. The new network infrastructure will deliver high-bandwidth services, including voice, data, and mobile backhaul, to residential and business customers. This success comes after launching services in Barwa city earlier last year.

Through the state of art fiber network, the premises will enjoy efficient and effective communication. In terms of innovation and research, the fiber network also presents new opportunities in developing new applications, services and content. Consumers on the home network can benefit from faster downloads for gaming, entertainment, e-learning, high definition video and real-time communications facilities.

Qnbn is empowering the nation with the most advanced infrastructure and a choice of operators. “Barwa City and Barwa Commercial Avenue are now set to become one of Doha’s leading residential and retail destinations with the introduction of Qnbn’s world-class fiber optic broadband infrastructure. This will deliver the full potential of more sustainable, cost-effective fast and secure internet connectivity to residents and businesses in line with the ictQATAR strategy 2015and Qatar National Vision 2030. Both home and business users will have the choice of operators for best quality and keenest prices”.

Qnbn uses gigabit-capable passive optical network technology to connect residences and small businesses. Qnbn’s fiber optic network delivers 100x faster internet and data transfers and the securest form of file storage.

Qnbn’s optic fiber network will cover the entire 8.5 km Barwa Commercial Avenue project, considered one of the longest single project strip developments in the world, with residential, commercial and retail zones including 640 stores, 730 offices and 540 residential units.

“Building on our government mandate, the next generation connectivity of the Barwa mega-projects demonstrates how Qnbn is supporting Qatar’s future as we deploy a nationwide fiber optic infrastructure. Project after project, we are enabling and realizing the promise of a knowledge-based, ICT economy” concludes Qnbn’s spokesperson.