Promotions & Offers


From time to time, Qnbn as a major promoter of open and affordable high speed communication, will offer seasonal and other promotions to its customers to benefit from its fibre network.

Current Promotions:

Residential FTTH Connection

The Residential FTTH Connection is a fiber link between End User Premises, in either a single dwelling unit or a multi dwelling unit, and a Qnbn Central Office. Thanks to the GPON technology, all the benefits of fiber are, for the first time, available to homes in an efficient way. The state of the art GPON makes possible delivering throughputs of 100 Mbit/s and more, with different downstream and upstream profiles, depending on the Service Provider’s service to its End User customers.

Business FTTH Connection

The Business FTTH Connection is a fiber link between Commercial End User Premises and a Qnbn Central Office. The Product has the benefits of the high bandwidth capacity provided by the GPON technology and supports enhanced service levels. Business End Users can benefit from different downstream and upstream profiles, as well as value added features, depending on their choice of Service Provider.

Point to Point (P2P) Connection

The P2P Connection is a fiber link (or a couple of fiber links) between the Customer premises and a Qnbn Central Office. The product is intended for medium to large Enterprises with strict requirements of broadband Quality of Service and maintenance response. The huge fiber capacity is entirely available to the Customer without being shared with other users. This kind of connection supports advanced Enterprise services such as Metro Ethernet or IP MPLS with incomparable features with regard to legacy accesses.

Central Office to Central Office Connection

The Central Office (CO) to Central Office Connection are fiber links that essentially connect the Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs) in two Qnbn COs to one another. Thanks to this service the Customer can complete the access network of GPON and P2P fibers to the End users with an aggregation network that gathers all the data going and coming from the end users. This is a particularly technical requirement and would normally be used for a Service provider that requests it.


Colocation service provides the Customer (Service providers and in general Qualifying Persons as per the MICT License to Qnbn) with all the resources needed to install and operate its own network equipment in Qnbn Central Offices. With the Colocation service the Customer gets access to Qnbn fiber network in the same building where the fiber cables connect homes and business premises. The resources included in the Colocation offering are, Central Office space, Security, Energy and Air conditioning with almost 100% availability and continuous support from Qnbn.