CEO Message

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you to our digital home. In the dynamic expanse of digital connectivity, QNBN stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence, committed to providing the finest passive fiber services in Qatar.

For over a decade, our dedicated team has tirelessly woven the fiber infrastructure of Qatar, ensuring that thousands of connections underpin the seamless digital experiences. Such a network does not merely represent our past achievements; it is the cornerstone of our continued evolution and the growth we envision for tomorrow.

Our journey, marked by strategic foresight, has seen us transcend traditional boundaries, reaching out to technologically sophisticated entities that share our vision of an unrestrained and robust network. By offering high-speed connectivity, we empower our clients with a secure, seamless, and cost-effective digital infrastructure that is second to none.

At QNBN, we take pride in being recognized as a critical infrastructure provider, integral to the State of Qatar. We are honored to serve essential government bodies, thus becoming a key asset in the nation's telecom infrastructure and playing a vital role in Qatar's ambitious and visionary development.

Our commitment is unwavering, and that is to continue delivering unparalleled service, to innovate relentlessly, and to contribute to Qatar's position as a global leader in telecommunications.

Thank you for your trust in QNBN. Together, we will continue to connect aspirations and foster a future that is truly interconnected.

Eng. Ahmad Mohammed Al-Kuwari

Chief Executive Officer
Eng. Ahmad Mohamed AL-Kuwari

Ahmad Mohammed Al-Kuwari is a senior executive with over 22 years of extensive experience in the IT and telecommunications sector. With his dynamic and agile approach to leadership, Ahmad has consistently demonstrated his ability to steer corporate environments toward success, optimizing structures and instituting clear guidelines and procedures.

As the current Chief Executive Officer of Qatar National Broadband Network (QNBN), Ahmad is leading a specialized team in fiber optics systems to develop Qatar’s infrastructure, while achieving business growth through strategic planning and innovative, customer-focused initiatives. Under his direction, QNBN has seen the successful development and launch of new product lines and the initiation of customer-centric programs that have markedly improved retention and customer satisfaction.

Ahmad’s career began with a strong focus on innovation and transformative leadership in Qatar’s ICT sector. As an E-Government Program Manager with the Supreme Council of Communication and Information Technology (ICT-Qatar), he made significant contributions to the enhancement of e-services for residents and businesses. He was instrumental in expanding online government services, improving their availability, accessibility, and effectiveness. His strategic vision led to the development and implementation of a government-wide infrastructure that streamlined processes and enhanced shared services across government departments. Ahmad’s role in establishing an industry-wide funding mechanism underscores his commitment to fostering technological progress in Qatar and beyond.

Following his success in the e-Government Program, Ahmad became the Chief Executive Officer of MEEZA, a Qatar Foundation subsidiary. Here, he aligned IT services, operations, sales, marketing, and finance with the Foundation’s ethos, goals, and vision. His efforts in system development and process improvement significantly contributed to delivering exceptional products and managed IT services, including data center, cloud, and security services.

Ahmad then assumed the role of CEO at Qatar Social Work (QSW), where he led a team of over 1700 employees. His visionary approach dramatically increased beneficiary satisfaction and improved employee productivity and service quality.

Ahmad’s academic achievements include an Executive Leaders Program certificate from the Qatar Leadership Centre and an MBA with Merit from the University of Wales, Cardiff, UK. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a top-grade graduation project from Qatar University.

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